Digital and Entrepreneurial Teachers for a Fast-Changing World

Digital course oriented to teachers and education professionals across the world interested in develop their digital competences and entrepreneurial education skills to meet your students needs


Innovative Teachers for Contemporary Education: Tools and Resources for a Fast-Changing World is a digital course oriented to teachers and education professionals across the world. 

The e-DESK MOOC are targeted for higher education teachers to skill up their entrepreneurship education competence in online teaching methods and practices; to develop their online teaching skills, and to enhance the entrepreneurial competences for their learners.

Introduce the future of education trends through an online environment.


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The course will teach you new methodologies and fill your backpack with resources, materials and tools to integrate digital competences and entrepreneurship concepts, skills and real experiences in your classroom.

Accredited diploma

Flexible timing.

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Innovative teachers for contemporary education


The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a stand-alone course designed by e-DESK to help higher education educators develop entrepreneurial and digital skills, as well as providing resources for the implementation of hybrid and blended methodologies in their classes.

Our MOOC, Innovative Teachers for Contemporary Education: Tools and Resources for a Fast-Changing World , counts with ten modules  focused on entrepreneurial and digital competencies, learning design, innovative pedagogical approaches and useful tools and materials to ease the introduction of thechnology in your classroom. 

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This module aims to serve as a guide for participants to get to know what they will encounter throughout the MOOC and to reflect on their expectations and assess their own pre-knowledge about the contents of the MOOC. Also, it will serve as a roadmap for participants and provide them with information about the certification criteria.

This module introduces competences, skills and values, focusing on entrepreneurial competences, and pedagogical approaches which can support the acquisition of such competences.

This module aims to serve as an introduction to entrepreneurial competences and, especially to the EntreComp Framework and its adaptation to entrepreneurial education, EntreCompEdu.

This module aims to provide successful examples of application of entrepreneurial education in real-world contexts. Also, it aims to foster participants’ research of best practices and application of these competencies in the university sphere.

his module gives an opportunity to gain deeper insights into innovative pedagogical approaches. There is a number of such approaches of which participants might be using some or many of them in your everyday practices. However, some of these approaches are still not that widespread, and this module aims to bring them closer to participants and inspire their teaching practice.

This module serves as an overview of how technology can support learning and how we can define and assess the digital skills needed to promote this enrichment.

This module will provide you with guidelines and a tool which will support you in designing learning in line with the intended learning outcomes and pedagogical approaches.

This module aims to provide teachers with resources to include ethical and sustainable thinking in their classes, but also to prevent plagiarism, learning resources to include in their classes, etc.

This module focuses on the importance of quality assurance in the different dimensions of Higher Education, for example, in assessment. It also provides examples of quality assurance standards useful for European university educators.

This module aims to differentiate and introduce the main delivery modes contemplated by the eDESK methodology. Moreover, it provides best practices on the implementation of these delivery modes within the university classroom and fosters participants’ reflection on the application of these delivery modes in their institutions.

This module aims to serve as a guide for those participants willing to deepen their knowledge on the different delivery modes and innovative methodologies included in the course modules. It serves as a first step to take a step forward to further research on the topic.

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