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The e-DESK tools are targeted for higher education teachers like you to skill up your entrepreneurship education competence in online teaching methods and practices; to develop your online teaching skills, and to enhance the entrepreneurial competences for your learners.


The objective of the e-DESK tools is to introduce the future of education trends through an online environment.


By using these tools you will be introduced to concrete entrepreneurship methods, and online tools that may be applied in their teaching practices to enhance your learners’ entrepreneurial skills, competence, and mindset.


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Discover the tools that will help you develop your digital and entrepreneurial skills

The Methodology

The e-DESK Methodology aims to serve as a reference for educational institutions and educators all over Europe for designing, adapting, implementing and/or measuring hybrid educational programs and teaching methodologies.


The methodology also contains key concepts based in the EntreComp framework, for educators to learn entrepreneurial skills to be part of an educational system that needs to be alert and responsive to change and capable of designing and implementing new solutions to complex challenges.

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a stand-alone course designed by e-DESK to help higher education educators develop entrepreneurial and digital skills, as well as providing resources for the implementation of hybrid and blended methodologies in their classes.

The MOOC counts with ten modules  focused on entrepreneurial and digital competencies, learning design, innovative pedagogical approaches and useful tools and materials to ease the introduction of thechnology in your classroom. 


The face-to-face training

The face-to-face training aims to wrap-around the content of the MOOC and guide you on how to design, adapt, implement and/or measure hybrid and  blended educational programs and teaching methodologies.


This face-to-face training itinerary focuses on the adaptation of the knowledge from the MOOC to the reality of your own institution, subject and course organization. It provides the required help to master the implementation of these methodologies into the university environment.