e-DESK launches  a free online course to train teachers in digital and entrepreneurial skills

As part of the European e-DESK project, this MOOC is expected to reach more than 1,000 university teachers

e-DESK together with The Santander International Centre for Entrepreneurship (CISE), University of Cantabria, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology, University of Lisbon and University of Zagreb, has launched a new training course on digital and entrepreneurial skills aimed at university teachers and professionals in the field of education.  As part of the European e-DESK project, the MOOC (massive open online course) focuses on providing educators with the necessary knowledge to improve hybrid education, as well as training them to master in the entrepreneurial skills that university students will need in their future employment

Titled ‘Digital teachers and entrepreneurs for a rapidly changing world’, the course is completely free, online, and taught in English. It is composed by 10 modules and 50 hours of practical and dynamic training with content such as: entrepreneurial skills, pedagogical approaches to teaching and personal development, among others, as well as tools and exercises for direct application in the classroom. 

The training is especially aimed at university teachers but can be taken by anyone interested in improving their skills, without requiring prior knowledge. Registration is now open on the Miriadax platform.

The future of innovative education

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the imposition of digital or blended learning models and the importance of entrepreneurial skills for the employability of young Europeans, highlighting the need to provide educational institutions with a series of tools, resources and skills that allow them to easily adapt to this new reality.  

e-DESK is an initiative co-funded by the European Erasmus+ programme. It aims to provide teachers with the necessary skills and tools to facilitate the acquisition of digital and entrepreneurial competencies. The project is aligned with the objectives of the European reference frameworks on digitisation (DIGCOMP) and entrepreneurship (EntreComp) set by the European Union as priorities in its policy for the coming years. Objectives with the European reference frameworks on digitisation (DIGCOMP) and entrepreneurship (EntreComp) set by the European Union as priorities in its policy for the coming years. 

In addition to this MOOC, the programme completes its activity with a blended learning programme for university professors, which is already being tested with the participation of more than 40 professors from the four participating universities. 

About e-DESK

The e-DESK project was born within the Erasmus+ European program framework and is being carried out with the collaboration of five institutions from four EU countries: Santander International Entrepreneurship Centre (CISE) and University of Cantabria from Spain, Lappeenranta University of Technology from Finland, University of Zagreb from Croatia, and University Nova of Lisbon from Portugal. This ambitious initiative has been co-financed by the European Commission with a budget of over €230,000.

e-DESK will generate a digital learning pathway to explain this new methodology to teachers and will provide them with multiple training materials: a methodological guide, multimedia tools, software examples, gamification and digital strategies, and tutorials on open-source digital platforms. 

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